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✅ Features

🎉 Contributions

Contributions are open. Feel free to make a pull request, if you wanna see something to get changed.

💙 Translation Contributors

Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Language Provider
Russian @raitonoberu
Slovenian @mytja
Portuguese @bdlukaa
Hindi @alexmercerind
German @MickLesk
Dutch @kebabinjeneus

You can see the app running in your own language by providing me translations.

For that purpose, you can add your changes to this file on the repository. You can translate this, even if you have little to no knowledge of Dart.

📖 Workings

The majority of the logical & functional code in this app is here in the repository.

💙 Acknowledgements

Thanks to following people & organizations for their indirect contribution.

Package Maintainer
assets_audio_player florent37
media_metadata_retriever alexmercerind
flutter_local_notifications MaikuB
permission_handler Baseflow
animations flutter
http flutter
path flutter
path_provider flutter
share flutter
url_launcher flutter

📄 License

GNU General Public License v3

🔧 Running Server

Instructions are documented here.